-Electrum, Bitcoin Core, Litecoin Core, other (signing)

-Veracrypt, other (for Cloutreon)

-Website/server to publish blocks, files from

-Sign "hello world" with your TSN addy from your account(s)

-Track your messages and witness data for all files in a block

-Establish your > handle in your genesis block

-Learn more here and read The White Paper

Requisit Materials:

Here is how to get started:

'Where Speech Has Become Money'

TSN Address *

Max file size (Mb): 2

Max number of files: 1

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(Winner will be auctioned off as a NFJ (non-fungible Juan)

The De facto #1 Decentralized Social network
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Truth Social Network v 0.2 coming in 2022

Release name: "The vibes is back"